Xavier David, Ingénieur de l'École des Travaux Publics (Engineer of Public Works) arrived from France in 1984 and has been a full-time resident of Saint Barthélemy ever since.

Shortly thereafter, he utilized his education as a graduate of the Centre des Hautes Études de la Construction (Center for Advanced Studies of Construction) and established his own construction management office in Saint Jean during the year of 1985.

Since then, the office has grown beyond Xavier David himself and currently comprises four engineers, one engineer/architect, two architects (both French and American), one designer and three administrative staff persons (accounting, management, etc. ).

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More than 30 years of experience means that Xavier David and his team know how to deliver construction projects of all sizes on time and within budget. Construction management is the core task of the firm. We have excellent longterm relationships on Saint Barthélemy with many contractors in order to ensure competitive prices and the highest quality of service. Likewise, the unique situation of working on an island has allowed the office to develop relationships with many off-island material suppliers, shipping companies, expeditors and consultants.

As engineers, the Xavier David team has the experience and capability to over-see all aspects of a project's technical requirements. Building codes, standards and safety concerns are, of course, just the most basic requirement for competent engineering. The geography of the Caribbean must be accounted for too as it is a seismically active region with threats from earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes. And, of course, hurricane risk must be mitigated too.

Increasingly, the challenges of living on an island are requiring more sophistication with respect to accessibility for the disabled members of our community as well as incorporating renewable sources of energy into sustainably designed structures. The office has overseen this trend throughout the past three decades and continues to be at the forefront of the island's technical development. Recently, we collaborated with electrician Alexandre Cassez and the office of WAGO to utilize a new system of computerized electrical control that maximizes the efficiency within a building or household.

With variety of both professional experience and academic training, the architects of Xavier David's office have developed projects of a great variety of styles from traditional Creole houses to contemporary design.

Prior to joining the team at Xavier David, the architects have collectively studied at the Schools of Architecture Paris La Villette and Paris Val de Seine and the Universities of Michigan, Houston & Melbourne. Previous professional experience includes work in France, Michigan, Massachusetts and Anguilla.

Although the core competencies of the Xavier David team are construction management, engineering and architecture, the nature of life within a small island community has allowed us to gain experience in a number of related fields.

As such, we also are available for projects involving landscape design, interior design, post-occupancy building management and consultancy amongst others.


Xavier David

Founder & CEO, Project Manager, Civil Engineer

Beatrice David

Interior Designer

Adrien Gaume Bechet

Project Manager

Brian Buchalski


Mathieu de Monti

Project Manager & Civil Engineer

Edouard Vanelle

Architect & Civil Engineer

Mathieu Carbonel


Antoine Morisetti


Milan Collet-Stevens

Project Manager & Civil Engineer

Ronald Gréaux

Assistant Project Manager

Kim Questel

Assistant Project Manager

José Vicente Ferreira Goncalves

Project Manager

Jeffry Lédée


Edouard Thierry


Gabriel Discazaux


Anne Busa

Accounts Manager

Sandrine Esmingaud

Executive Assistant

Johan Dugue

Administrative & Shipping Logistic Coordinator

Thuy Lien Lee


Justine Servida

Administrative assistant


We have worked with with both individual clients as well as public authorities and we are always willing to collaborate with a variety of professionals including other architects, engineers, landscape designers, interior designers, specialized consultants, craftspeople, artists...

The international team of Xavier David has mastered a range of skills that allows us to carry out all variety of projects.


Hospitality: Hôtel Eden Rock, Hôtel Le Toiny, Hôtel Guanahani and Hôtel Les Ilets de la Plage

Residential: luxury villas such as La Danse des Étoiles, Les Gaïacs and Villa Ginja. In total, about 120 new houses and 60 renovations.

Commercial: boutiques Armani, Versace, Chopard, Kiwi and Chemise Tropézienne. Hughues Marine garage and boutique. The Supermarket and Shopping Center of Saint Jean.

Government: the Primary School and High School of Gustavia, Airport Gustav III in Saint Jean, the airport fire station and the nursing home of Gustavia.

Civil Engineering: Docks in the port of Gustavia, the airport runway, water treatment plant, rehabilitation of the beach in Saint Jean and boat ramps in Gustavia and Corossol.

Historic Renovation: the presbytery in Lorient, the nuns' house, the Wallhouse museum and traditional wind huts at Hôtel Le Toiny.

Projects in Haiti: In 2010–2011, Adrien Gaume Bechet (one of our engineers since 2000) volunteered as president of the association Bay Kout Men Haiti and built a school for 600 students at Delmas 31.


Architects: Gwathmey Siegal Associates,Barnes Coy Architects, Atelier de St Barth, Ortelli Architetti,Tise Design Associates, BLM, Jean Marcel Henry, Helene Henry, François Pecard, Claude Pittoors, Kang Modern

Engineers: BET Fongond, BET AMT

Landscape Design: PWP, Wolteninck, PHUSIS, Kathy Schreiber, Christian Busk

Interior Design: Lubos Kracmar, Wolteninck, Instore, Christian Liaigre

Consultants: Eaubarth (sewage), B.E.T. AMT (fluid studies), Crealun (lighting), ERCO (lighting), Domotech Systems (energy)